Myschievia 10 | All Out War!

OCTOBER 9 - 13 2014


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We Want YOU at Myschievia 2014: All-Out War!

Last night NTXB LLC met with the Safety Leads, considered their suggestions, considered the requests of the community, and has agreed to release additional Regular tickets. This last round of ticket sales begins at 8pm on Saturday, September 27. Sales will end at midnight October 7, or until we run out-- whichever comes first.

We have already sold over 600 tickets, more than we ever have in our 10-year history. To sustain this population, we will need experienced Rangers, medical staff, mental health professionals, and fire suppression personnel. If you are such a Rock Star and would like to help out, we would love to have you! Please contact the following Leads (add to any of the "2014" addresses):

Tell your friends! We want to see ALL of you on the Piney Playa.


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