Myschievia 10 | All Out War!

OCTOBER 9 - 13 2014


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Here are two last things we need to tell you:

1. If you need to reach us: Call a friend with a Verizon phone, as that's the only carrier that works out there. If it is an emergency, call the Hughes Springs Police Department at (903) 639-2621 and ask them to relay a message to Armadillo Acres.

2. THE TICKET LIST IS PRINTED. DO NOT TRANSFER tickets through Brown Paper Tickets anymore! We're on the land and we won't get it.

To transfer a ticket, do this:

If the Seller IS attending Myschievia: Update the name on the ticket upon arrival at the Gate. The Seller would have to arrive WITH or BEFORE the Buyer, and provide the name on the Buyer's government-issued ID.

If the Seller IS NOT attending Myschievia, the Buyer can bring paper proof of a valid transfer to their name by following this process:

1. Buyer MUST read the Survival Guide. You will sign an agreement that says you will follow it:

2. The Buyer provides the full legal name to the Seller, EXACTLY as it appears on the government-issued ID that the Buyer will use for admission.

3. The Seller logs into the Brown Paper Tickets website ( and locates three pieces of information:

The Seller can also do this by following the link received in the confirmation email. If you need help, BPT has 24 hour call center support. 800-838-3006.

4. The Seller writes a statement saying that you transfer the ticket to the Buyer. Include the full legal name of the Buyer (from Step #1), the three pieces of information from Step #2, and the date of the sale.

5. The Seller prints or emails a copy of this statement to the Buyer.

6. The Buyer brings ID and the printed copy of the statement to the Gate. We will keep this copy, so make another if you want one.

Now GET PACKING!! Don't procrastinate any longer! See y'all out there! :)


Check the Art Page for a link to info about All Out War! Guide & Map To The ART REVOLUTION!


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